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Minister Alicia Hubbard

Praise & Worship

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Worship must create the atmosphere for Christian living. It establishes and maintains spiritual contact with God. It creates right attitudes of mind. It satisfies the greatest need of the soul. It reveals the soul’s experience to others. It increases faith. It intensifies love and respect for sacred things. It creates and enlarges Christian fellowship in the bonds of spiritual experience. It brings new courage, hope and strength for the tasks and problems of the Christian life.

The worship time should consist of praying, praising, thanksgiving, and singing, music, reading of Scriptures, preaching, teaching and giving offerings. All praise is worship but not all worship is praise. Emphasis should always be placed on simplicity without show, vanity or repetition. At the center of our worship must be God. Each worshiper must be encouraged to do all worship “decently and in order”, according to God’s will”, and “with the spirit of understanding.”

Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Intercessory Prayer Ministry is to pray and fast for the pastor, membership, vision of the church, community, salvation, healing, and for the world, (b) visit the sick and shut-ins, and (c)recruit more intercessors of all ages. One of the goals is to establish and maintain a twenty four hour prayer ministry and an open telephone line for people to call in for prayer.

Worship Leaders

Worship Leaders is to motivate and generate, in the congregation, an awareness of God’s presence and to exhort each person to praise God; and to get him pr her in a spiritual frame of mind, to be recipients of God’s word and power. The worship leader is the person who directs the worship service and carries out the order of service.

Music Ministry

Worshiping God in music and singing is a pleasant privilege which animates the dull and soothes the agitated spirit. While it comforts and inspires the saints, it more than any other part of religious service, attracts the unbeliever.

In order to have real worship, music and singing must be spiritual. Furthermore, the service must be directed by the Holy Spirit, and not just professional artists doing their thing. We must not sacrifice the anointed spiritual music and song of God for professionalism or aesthetics.

Music and singing will express: adoration, confession, prayers, praise and thankgiving. They should primarily be the reflections of the united expressions of thedifferent races, groups, denominations, etc. of the whole church. Music and singing are the communications of soul and spirit. A worshipper must learn to worship with his or her intellect as well as his/her emotions.

Music Ministry is to worship God, edify the body of Christ and prepare the congregation for hearing of the word of God.

Circle of Praise Dance Ministry

Circle of Praise Dance Ministry is to proclaim the Gospel (Good News of Jesus Christ) through dance and to reclaim and encourage the Art’s back into the Kingdom of God through the artistic expression of dance. “Let them praise His name in the dance; Let them sing praises unto Him with the timbrel and harp.” Psalm 149:3.